Let yourself breathe

Private Meditation Sessions 

I offer private meditation sessions both in person in Gothenburg and online via Zoom.

During these sessions you will have the opportunity to explore you own meditation journey. We will adress any questions you have in relation to your practise and we will look at restitance and potential challanges. We will also discuss how you can invite meditation in your life in a way that suits you and we will do a variety of meditative practices depending on your needs.

Practical information

One session is 45min and can be held in either Swedish or English.

The cost is 850 SEK per session and will be paid by incoice in advance. Time slots are usually avaliable during both days and evenings. If you are curoius or would like to make a booking send a message via the button below and we will find a time that suits you! 

It does not matter if you are just starting to explore meditation or if you have been meditating for years.

Guided Meditations 

Welcome to listen in on my podcast with episodes in both Swedish and English. You find guided meditaions such as  'Kroppsscanning' (Swedish) and 'One with Nature' (Engslih).

Some episodes are a sharings of my thought on a specific topic, such as 'Tankar om guidade meditationer' (Swedish).

Yoga Classes

by Josefin

As a yoga teacher I also offer yoga classes and private yoga sessions. I mainly practice sama yoga which focuses on acceptance and self love. With caring guidance and gentle attention this yoga allows us to land in our self, accept what ever is awaken and allows us to train our minds as well as our bodies. Send me a message if you would like to know more!


I offer yoga and meditation classes held at requests. I've had classes in both yoga and meditation at workplaces and conferences. The clases can be tailored according to requests, but below are som examples. The classes can be held in either English or Swedish and I can also arrange with yoga mats etc. 


A 45 min yoga class suitable for everyone capable of working in an office! The class will allow the participants to explore, open up and soften the body and the mind. No prior experience is required and everyone participates on their own terms. Stretchy/loose fit clothes are preferred, but shower afterwards is most likely not necessary.


A 30 min class where we practice a combination of free and guided meditations in order to calm the mind while practicing acceptance and kindness.


An hour of breathing teqchnices and guided meditation  starting with introduction and movement of the body. Suitable for beginners and more experienced yoggis.